This research project was initiated in 2008 by Appledore Arts and the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon in response to the UNESCO Year of the Earth. I am presently working in collaboration with IGI (Geochemical Consultants) Ltd and the Camborne School of Mines to further investigate and present the occurrence, nature, applications and implications of the rich geologically based colours in North Devon.

In 2011 I was invited by the Ussher Society (Geoscience Southwest) to give a presentation about Art & Geology at their annual conference and have since been invited to talk at the Devonshire Association Annual Conference in 2012. Articles about this project have been published in Resurgence Magazine and Rockwatch (RGS Young Geologists magazine), as well as through an interview broadcast on BBC Radio Devon.

I am also presently working with the Burton Gallery, Bideford, to develop and install a display celebrating the locally significant naturally occurring pigment Bideford Black, and have recently entered into conversation with the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon about the production of a publication giving a broad and holistic account of the locally specific relevance and nature of pigments and geology in North Devon.

earth pigments, workshops, residencies, research, painting, geology, art/science