an intimate ecology



My work is concerned with and inspired by nature … of our interconnectedness with the natural world; its animals, rocks and plants; the sacred and the spiritual; the beautiful and the mystical … which we may all enjoy if we open ourselves to the wholeness of our being.

A continuing body of work based in the fundamental action and process of drawing for inspiration safe in the knowledge that we are all coming home… I am fascinated by the energy of nature, by the sparkling, rhythmic elements of motion, by prana; the dots and lines of moments in my eyes when I look to the sea, when I am quiet inside, to see the ethereal nature of life… we TOUCH the Earth the world beneath and around us , we see ourselves within it all from a DISTANCE.

Art is potentially a starting point for the imaginative process, a catalyst for action, spiritually and ecologically – it is a gesture toward the infinite, both a statement of intent and an opportunity to connect and share with the totality of existence…

art in the environment, site-specific, process, ecology, performance, video, photography, painting, drawing, wildlife, mixed media