North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve


How may ecological interdisciplinary arts practice inform and support sustainable development policy and environmental agencies? (Interdisciplinary arts practice is rooted in rigorous consultation, holistic ways of seeing and indigenous learning techniques, employing participatory and collaborative approaches to research and instigate appropriate social and ecological interventions within specific communities while maintaining a global perspective.)

In 2011 I was invited to participate within the Biosphere Action Plan to research, develop and promote the application of the Arts toward the objectives of education, sustainability and development. It is my hope to continue this collaboration and through it establish and develop links and appropriate and effective actions with other art and environment groups both locally and internationally.

More recently I have successfully developed and co-ordinated an event for ND Biosphere Action Week, in association with RANE, UCF and Beaford Arts, to engage the general public with issues arising from the theme ‘the value of trees’. The event was held in Barnstaple Town Square and involved students and staff from the MA Art & Environment Programme at University College Falmouth. It was hoped that the involvement of the arts with the objectives of the NDBR would allow participants to engage more deeply and with longer lasting implications than by education and action from a simply scientific and practical skill level.

events, research, residency, public engagement